Thursday, 4 September 2014

My Superhero Brother

This is my description about my brother Jimmy.  What do think?

There is a superhero in my family.  His name is Jimmy.  He is my brother.  He helps me a lot.  He says to me “Do you need some help?”  He is a good boy.

He looks like hulk but littler.  He has big muscles like Hulk but really, really cute like a baby, because he is one!

Jimmy is a boy that likes to go outside.  He is like Super Diaper Baby because he is good and helps others.  He is kind like a giant too.

He hides a lot like he is an army person.  He is a really good person. 

I love him because he loves me.


  1. I thought that was a great piece of work I like all of the similes and how you have described him very well I can tell that you have thought carefully about your focus and your story.